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Frequently Asked Questions for Families

How to obtain Autism Waiver services

Who are the targeted individuals for Autism Waiver services?
Target Population - Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified.

  • Children will be able to enter the Waiver program from the age of diagnosis through the age of five (until their sixth birthday).

How do I know if my child is eligible for Autism Waiver Services?
To be eligible for Autism Waiver services the child must:

  • The child must meet Medicaid eligible guidelines, (only the child’s income is considered for this waiver).

  • Be a Kansas resident

  • Receive a diagnosis by a licensed Medical Doctor or Ph.D. Psychologist using an approved Autism specific screening tool. Approved tools include:

    CARS – Childhood Autism Rating Scale
    GARS – Gilliam Autism Rating Scale
    ADOS – Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale
    ADI – Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised
    ASDS – Asperger Syndrome Diagnostic Scale
    And other Autism specific tools as approved by KDADS

  • When their position on the Autism Waiver waiting list comes up, the child will be assessed for a Level of Care Determination to establish functional eligibility for Waiver services. The Vineland II Survey Interview Adaptive Behavior Scales will be the tool used to assess functional eligibility.

Who can fill out an application for Autism Waiver Services?
Parents can print and fill out this application.
Where to send the application is printed on the application. Then if the child meets the criteria for the Autism Waiver, you will receive a letter stating they have been placed on the Proposed Autism Waiver Recipient List and their numerical number on the list. When a position becomes available you will be contacted by the Program Manager to offer you a position.
Click here for the "Timeline for Families"

Is it possible for a child to be on the MR/DD waiting list while receiving services on the Autism Waiver?
Yes, you can be on both waiting lists at the same time.

How does the Functional Eligibility work?
Once a child and family has been referred to the Functional Eligibility Specialist for a Level of Care (functional) determination, the Specialist shall complete the assessment within 5 business days from time of initial referral.

The Functional Eligibility Specialist shall perform the Level of Care (functional determination) necessary to establish a child’s eligibility for the HCBS Autism Waiver program using the Vineland II Survey Interview Adaptive Behavior Scales. If a child is found to be eligible for Autism Waiver services, the Functional Eligibility Specialist shall aid the child and the child’s family in completion of the Medicaid application (if they do not already have a Medicaid card) and gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services through the provision of information and referral and related activities. Throughout provision of all information and referral services, the Functional Eligibility Specialist will promote and ensure participant choice.

The Functional Eligibility Specialist shall perform the child’s annual assessment utilizing the Vineland II Survey Interview Adaptive Behavior Scales for each year that the child receives HCBS Autism Waiver services. The Functional Eligibility Specialist shall not provide any additional Autism Waiver services to the child or family.

How does the Vineland II Survey Interview Adaptive Behavior Skills determine functional eligibility?
A total score or a score on any two elements of the Adaptive areas (Communication, Daily Living Skills, Socialization, and Motor skills) of two standard deviations below the mean (score of 70) makes a child eligible for the Waiver.


A total score or a score on any two elements of the Adaptive areas (Communication, Daily Living Skills, Socialization, and Motor skills) of one standard deviation below the mean (score of 70-85) prompts the assessor to review the scores on the Maladaptive Behaviors (internal, external, or total). If the Maladaptive Score on the internal, external or total is clinically significant the child is eligible for the Waiver. Clinically significant problems are when the maladaptive behavior scale internalizing, externalizing and total is 21-24.

(The scoring of maladaptive behaviors are for individuals in the age range 3 thru 90).

How long does the process take?
Once receiving a position on the Autism Waiver the Functional Eligibility Specialist has 5 working days to contact the family and set up the assessment. Once the Vineland II Survey Interview Adaptive Behavior Scales and the child has been determined eligible the family will choose an Autism Specialist and complete the Medicaid Application. The Autism Specialist has 5 working days to make contact with the family upon referral. Assessments and further contacts will start after Medicaid Eligibility has been determined. The Autism Specialist will then complete the Criterion Reference Skills Based Assessment and complete the Individual Behavior Plan/Plan of Care which can take 3 hours to several visits over several days. During this time you can be looking for Intensive Individual Support Workers. The Autism Specialist then has 45 days to enter the Individual Behavior Plan/Plan of Care. Timeline for Families

When completing the Medicaid application whose income is considered?
Only the child’s income is considered when completing the Medicaid application.

Once accepted, does my child automatically receive 3 years of the Autism Waiver?
No, annual re-determination is required every year. Re-determination is determined by a Functional Eligibility Specialist who will complete the Vineland II Survey Interview Adaptive Behavior Scales that was completed upon initial eligibility.

Who is Kaw Vally or KVC?
KVC Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. (Kaw Valley Center) is a private, not-for-profit organization providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services and education to children and families. KDADS has set up a contract with KVC to perform the Vineland for the Functional Eligibility Determination. Their corporate office is located in Olathe, KS and provides services to 54 counties in Kansas.

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Services the Autism Waiver provides

What do all these acronyms mean?

What services are provided by the Autism Waiver?
The Autism Waiver provides the following services; Autism Specialist, Intensive Individual Supports, Respite, Parent Support & Training, and Family Adjustment Counseling.

What services are billable for the Autism Specialist?

  • Completion of Criterion Reference Skill Based Assessment (initial and annually)

  • Development of IBP/POC (initial and annually)

  • Service Coordination and Implementation as identified per IBP/POC

  • Monitoring of Services

  • Completing the necessary forms required by KDADS

  • Home Visits

  • Contacts may include but not limited to: phone, e-mail, and/or letters providing documentation supports services rendered are coordination and/or implementation of Autism Waiver services

  • Training and technical assistance to parents and paid support staff

  • Assistance with activities of daily living

Can the Autism Specialist bill for services for children who are at school?
Autism Waiver services do not duplicate other Medicaid State Plan services or other services otherwise available to the child at no cost. Public schools access Medicaid dollars and therefore Autism Waiver services cannot be billed for services at a public school. Preschool programs might be billable. Collaboration is recommended between school and home even though it isn’t billable time.

What is a calendar year?
All services run on a calendar year which is January 1st to December 31st. If your child receives services in March of a year you have that allotment of hours through December 31st as well as if your child is offered services in August you have the same allotment of hours through December 31st.

How many hours of Intensive Individualized Support hours do I have?
Your child is allowed up to 25 hours per week Sunday thru Saturday. If services are started on a Wednesday you have 14 hours that week and starting the following Sunday you will have 25 hours per week. This is a set number of hours and cannot be adjusted for more hours.

How many hours of Respite do I have?
You have 168 hours of respite to use per calendar year (January - December).

What are Parent Support and Training services?
Parent Support and training services promote the engagement and active participation of family members in all aspects of the treatment process. Support and training is provided to family members to increase their ability to provide a safe and supportive environment in the home and community for the child. This involves assisting the family in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and address the specific needs of the child in relation to autism spectrum disorder and related treatments. Parent Support training can be provided on a one to one basis or in a group setting.

Parent Support services will enhance the family’s coping skills listed below:

  • Specific problem solving skills
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Develop strategies for the child’s symptom and behavior management

Who can provide Family Adjustment Counseling?
They must be a Licensed Mental Health Professional in the state of Kansas.

What does Family Adjustment Counseling consist of?
Counseling can be provided to the family members of a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in order to guide and help them cope with the child’s illness and the related stress that accompanies the initial understanding of the diagnosis and the ongoing continuous, daily care required by the child with an autism spectrum disorder. Enabling the family to manage this stress improves the likelihood that the child with the disorder will continue to be cared for at home, thereby preventing premature and otherwise unnecessary institutionalization. Services can be provided on a one to one basis or in a group setting.

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Individualized Behavior Plan/Plan of Care (IBP/POC)

What is a Criterion Reference Skill Based Assessment (CRSBA)?
It is often, yet not always, used to establish an individual’s competence, (whether he/she can do something).Depending upon which CRSBA is completed a child’s specific skills are identified. An example of a CRSBA is the “Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS)" and the "Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System (AEPS)", CRSBA is the foundation from which the evidence-based therapy is developed; it also becomes the frame work for the IBP/POC.

What is an Individual Behavioral Program/Plan of Care?
The IBP/POC incorporates information from the CRSBA and the Vineland II. IBP/POC identifies:

  • functional capabilities,

  • specify goals & actions utilizing an evidenced based therapy,

  • identify current resources available (formal and informal),

  • develop, update or review POC at a minimum annually or as needed,

  • review of domains every 6 months and,

  • evaluate the family’s strengths, goals, and preferences.

Who provides input in the development of the IBP/POC?
The Autism Specialist, family, and other individuals the family has chosen to provide information about the child.

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Choosing an Autism Specialist and other providers

How do I choose my Autism Service Providers?
CSS maintains a list of approved enrolled Medicaid service providers at CSS’s website or at Since it is necessary for the family and the Autism Specialist to be a good match, families will need to contact an Autism Specialist first to see if the Autism Specialist is available to work with them as well what form of therapy the Autism Specialist ascribes to.

How many consumers can each Autism Waiver provider work with?
There is no limit as to how many consumers each Autism Waiver provider can work with.

Can an Autism Specialist decline from accepting a case?

When do services start?
Services can start after the Medicaid application is completed and approved. Parents should inform the Autism Specialist when they receive the Medicaid card in the mail. A meeting can be set up prior to meet the family but services cannot begin or be billed for until you receive your child's medicaid card in the mail.

How do I find Intensive Individual Support or Respite workers?
You can check with your school if they know anyone, contact your special education co-op, put an ad in the paper, etc. If there is a college in the area you can also contact the departments such as psychology, special education, speech language pathology, behavioral sciences, social work, etc. Sometimes professors will know someone with experience or that might be interested or post it on their class website to get the word out.

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Legal Rights in the Autism Waiver

Is it possible a child could become ineligible for Autism Waiver services while being on the Proposed Autism Waiver Recipient List?
Yes, since the Autism Waiver is a first come first service waiver and the child could age out before their name comes up on the list.

What are the appeal rights for a family and who does the family appeal to?
If parent/guardian of a child receiving Autism Services is dissatisfied with any action or inaction by a service provider, they can appeal. Appeal rights are printed on the back of Notice of Actions or contact the HCBS Autism Waiver Program Manager at 785-296-3561.

Is there a crisis exception?
There are no crisis exceptions on the Autism Waiver.

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Transition from Autism Waiver to another waiver

Is it possible to transfer from another waiver?
Currently an individual who was previously on the TA and/or the SED Waiver could transfer to the Autism Waiver if the TA or SED Waiver is no longer appropriate for the child and they meet the eligibility guidelines set forth for the Autism Waiver.

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Where to go for more information

When will new kids be added to the Autism Waiver?
New kids will be added to the Autism Waiver when legislation provides additional funding.

Who is the contact person for additional information?
Contact the program manager-Kimberly Pierson
Phone: 785-368-6302

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